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Realistic bank system for The Sims 4

This mod was created to get a better handle on your Sim's financials. The goal here is to get real life financial options in game for whatever story line in play. 


Mod: Become a Cannibal in The Sims 4

This mod is so wrong and so awesome!

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Mod: Become a celebrity in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 - Road To Fame "MOD" will make your sims famous!


MOD: Smoke cigarettes in The Sims 4

Give your sim a bad smoking habbit and let them smoke cigarettes.


Everything you need to become a serial killer in The Sims 4

We have collected a lot of mods and custom content so that your Sim can become a dangerous serial killer in The Sims 4. 


MOST READ: Extreme violence mod

Now your sims can shoot the ones they hate, stab people, twerk for money, commit suicide, hit people or steal!


CC: Celebrity CC for The Sims 4

We have collected our celebrity CC favourites ! 

abort abortion sims 4

+18: Abortion and Miscarriage mod

With this mod your sims can get a miscarriage


CC: Weed CC for The Sims 4

Weed, cannabis, marijuana, hash, call it whatever you want!


PETS: Animated mousehole

While we are waiting for The Sims 4 Cats and dogs

Kaj og Dahlia's to tvillinger Rilla og Niro vokser også op og bliver teenagere. .

CHEATS: The ultimative cheating mod

Crazy Sims always strive to optimise your gaming experience.


The Sims 4 Voice Chat for everyone

Come and say hello in our very own Sims server!

Han render efter hendes elsker...

MOD: Become a witch or sorcerer

With this brilliant mod, you can become a witch/sorcerer - and you can choose to do black or white magic!

Mary og William får en velskabt lille pige - som hun døber efter hendes søster ... Anne!

CHALLENGE: 100 Baby challenge

One of the most loved and played challenges in The Sims Universe


CUTE: Romantic slow dance

Give your Sims the perfect date! Let them slowly dance to the tunes of classical music with this romantic slow dance mod!


WE LOVE: Smoke weed and do drugs

Have you always wanted your sim to become a junkie?

syltetøj sims 4

MUSTSEE: Make your own Jam (And more!)

Now you can actually make jam in The Sims 4!

piller medicin sims 4

ADHD MUCH: Working Pills / Medicin

Are your sim depressed? Maybe suffering from a mental illness? After all, you probably tried to drown them more than once.

Mary må følge hendes mands ordre...

+18: Sex in The Sims 4

With Wicked Whims you can now see your Sims have sex and get rid of all the blur and sounds.

fuld i sims 4

Mod: Drunk in The Sims 4

Take your sim out for a night of fun, and make them super drunk!


CC: Bunk bed for toddlers and kids

Yay! A functional bunk bed for toddlers and kids!

twerk mod sims 4

MOD: Twerk Mod for The Sims 4

With this mod, your sim can finally twerk all night long like some cartoonish Nicki Minaj.

apple mac iphone cc the sims 4

CC: Go crazy with Apple CC

We have collected all the best Apple CC for The Sims 4.

strækmærker sims 4

Stretch marks for The Sims 4

Stretch marks are as natural as life itself! So why don't your realistic sims have stretch marks?