Go to School mod is gone for now

The very popular mod "Go to school" is officially out of service! It's creator Zerbu has deleted his entire blog and put the last official version out on simscommunity.info. Multiple users are saying it's broken, and it doesn't look like Zerbu is going to fix it anytime soon.

He states the following on his own website: 

Yes, I've deleted my entire blog. The only way I could force myself to run away from the abuse I'm facing in real life, is to destroy the thing I still have going for me. With that gone, there's no reason for me to avoid escaping. My Go to School mod is still available on Sims Community: http://simscommunity.info/social/resources/go-to-school-mod-pack.44/

BrittPinkieSim wrote on her blog:

Hi everyone!  @deesims2​ tagged me earlier and notified me that Zerbu has deleted his Tumblr account..  I missed the news since I was sick all week, but it looks as though our favourite modder has left the community due to on-going issues in his personal life (non-Sims related, as was confirmed on his Twitter account).  A lot of people, I’m sure, will be wondering how to access his mods.

Please keep in mind that Zerbu has said he probably won’t return to the modding community, so do not expect an update for any of his mods/programs.  There’s every chance Go To School will break in an upcoming patch, or that the tuning files used in Mod Constructor will change and make the traits/buffs/aspirations made with it incompatible with upcoming patches, but you can still use the programs for now.

Zerbu was definitely one of my favourite modders in the community and gave us so much amazing content for TS4.  Here’s hoping things turn out well for him in the future! <3

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It sure doesn't look like we can use "Go to School" in the future 🙁 I hope Zerbu will be better. He was a very talented developer.

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